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Born Pretty Store Review - Full Water Decals

 *Disclaimer: this product was provided for review. All opinions in this blogpost are my own and are not influenced by anything of anyone.


I'm back with my final review for Born Pretty Store - you can see the previous two here and here.

This time I'm reviewing their Flower Water Decals, which you can see on their website here. I wore these for 4 days without any issues.

There are 4 patterns to choose from, and I picked the lovely DO14. I paired it with Blackout by Maybelline Color Show and with some gold round studs. I love how these decals look - they are really pretty, have good detailing and the little gold glitter in the centre of some flowers (see my ring finger for example) is just great. My best friend was really jealous of these ;)

As you can see, the background of the decals is not pitch black like my polish, so there's a very small colour difference.

The water decal sheet is 62mm by 52 mm. It is just large enough to cover your ten nails all with the water decals - if your nails are shorter or smaller then mine, you might even get a bit more out of the sheet.

These full nail decals work just like other water decals: you cut out what you want, soak it in water and put it on your nails. There were some instructions on the back of the package as to how to use the decals, but they are a bit Google Translate-y ;) Since I know how to use water decals, I could understand what they meant but it might be a bit more difficult otherwise. Anyway, I'd actually count these instructions as a plus since I had a good laugh with them.

I made a little pictorial as to how I applied the decals. This is my first pictorial ever so I hope everything's clear. The way I applied these decals isn't the only way to do it - it was the first way I thought of, so it might not even be the easiest or best way but it worked for me.

  1. You will need: water decals, nail polish, a cup with (warm) water, a pencil, some scizzors and some bakery paper.
  2. Put the sheet of bakery paper on top of the nail you want to cover with the decal. As you can see, I first painted my nails black with Blackout, because the background of the decal is black too - it's to cover up any small mistakes with the decal.
  3. Outline the shape of your nail with the pencil on the bakery paper.
  4. Place the bakery paper (with outline) on the sheet of water decals.
  5. Go over the outline a few times on the bakery paper, so the outline is pressed onto the decal sheet.
  6. Cut out the shape in the decal.
  7. Remove plastic film and place the decal in warm water for 10-20 seconds.
  8. Remove the paper from the decal.
  9. Wet your fingernail and place the decal on your nail. Wipe off any excess water, let it dry, and top coat it. Voila!

These decals were easy to use, you just have to get used to using full nail decals at first. I have never used full nail water decals before, so this was my first experience with them - I was surprised it went so smoothly.
I had one little wrinkle on my middle finger which is only noticeable when I point it out and you look really closely. 

I had also cut the decal a bit too small there - since I painted my nails black first it doesn't stand out too much, but you can see it here on my middle finger.

I already did much better with the second try, on my ring finger: no wrinkles and the decal fitted my nail much better.

Price?: This full nail water decal sheet costs $1.43 at the moment.

Where can you get them?: You can find these decals here on Born Pretty Store. There are 4 different floral patterns to choose from.

Discount?: As always, you can use my coupon code XDX31 to get 10% off on your order.

Final verdict?: I think these decals are really pretty and nicely detailed, and I think the price is also really good for these. There are two small downsides of these decals: if you have long or broad nails, you will use up one sheet if you want to cover your ten nails. If you make a mistake, then you're in trouble as there's no real back-up.
The other thing is that, like I mentioned in the beginning of my blog post, the background is not fully black. So if you make a mistake and cut the decal too small like I did, there's a tiny colour difference between your black polish underneath and the decal. It's only visible if you look really closely though, so I don't mind this but it is worth mentioning. All in all, these decals are great, easy to use and they look very pretty.

I wore these decals for 4 days without any issues - I top coated them of course, but they were great and the edges didn't start peeling off or anything like that. What do you think of these? They made for a pretty and easy manicure!

Thanks for reading and if you have any more questions, let me know :)


  1. Wauw! Die wil ik ook... Wat een prachtig resultaat! Vind je andere nagels er ook super bij passen.

    1. Heel erg bedankt Miriam! Ik was niet helemaal zeker dat ik ze wel goed gecombineerd had met m'n andere nagels dus ik appreciëer je comment heel erg! :)

  2. This is a really pretty look! I bought water decals after seeing your last post about them, I'm excited to try!

    Pnk Cynthia

    1. Thanks Cynthia! Ooh that's exciting, I hope you'll love them! I'm curious to see them on your blog! :)

  3. that instructions are so, ummm... precise!

    1. Hehe indeed Jacqui! It made me burst out into a laughter marathon so I didn't mind much ;)

  4. Gorgeous! I'm always worried about putting decals on top of black polish as they might not stand out enough but these look just perfect!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I've yet to try full nail decals like these, that have to be cut to shape first.

    1. Thanks Karen, I'm glad you liked the tutorial! I was a bit scared to use full nail decals but in the end it turned out quite well so I'm glad I had a good first experience with them! :)

  6. I'm not usually a big lover of dark nails (because I love bright nails so much), but I've fallen for these! Very pretty and just perfect for your nail shape! xx

    1. Thank you so much Emily! I'm glad you like these!

  7. These decals are so pretty! I love the studs you added and the tutorial is really useful too! :)

    1. Thanks Jayna! I'm glad you like the tutorial :)


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