Saturday, 8 August 2015

Summer of Guest Posts: Ssunnyside Up!

Hi everyone!

It's Saturday again, which means I have an awesome guest post for you!! Today Sabrina from Ssunnyside Up will make you long for ice cream :D I always love Sabrina's creative nail art, and I think she always uses such gorgeous colour combinations! 

Today she has a very jummy design for you. Excuse me while I go eat a popsicle now - you'll want one too after you've read this guest post ;)


Hey everyone!

My name is Sabrina from ssunnysideup and today is my turn to show you a nail art design. Robin was so kind to ask me if I want to participate in her series “summer of guest posts” and of course I said yes.

I was thinking for a long time which design would be good enough to post here because I was never totally satisfied with my outcome (oh yes I can be a little bit of a perfectionist when it come to things I have to do for others hahaha).

This week we had temperatures of about 38°C here in Austria and I was melting away when I finally got the idea of what I want to do. It should both fit Robin’s series and also my mood – and what’s better than ice cream when it’s hot outside (and here also inside – 29,7°C in my room at the moment)?! That’s why I decided to do a free hand popsicle design for you guys. Here is what I came up with *drum roll*

I scream for ice cream! Oh yes what else do you want on a day like this?! This design is inspired by the super talented banicured and my favorite ice cream when I was a little child – Jolly.

Here in Austria it’s super super famous and every single person knows it, I have no idea if it’s also known outside of Austria or not. It’s no local brand so maybe you also now this ice cream which tastes like raspberries (pink), pineapple (yellow) and chocolate on top.

Anyway this was where my inspiration came from and now it’s time to see how I did it.

Items used:
Color Club “French Tip”
Essence I <3 TRENDS “07 hope for love”
Essence I <3 TRENDS “02 sun is smiling”
Essence I <3 TRENDS “11 nude, dos, tres!”
Wet’n’wild “Yo Soy”
Black acrylic paint and a nail art brush

I’m still practicing my freehand painting so this design was a good practice. I started by painting all my nails with two layers of this white polish. So far Color Club – French Tip is really the best white polish I came across. I’m really picky when it comes to white polishes but this one is almost opaque in one layer and doesn’t get clumpy easily. I sealed the base with a quick dry top coat. For me this is important when painting with acrylic paint. If the top coat is dry I can painted the black outer lines of the ice cream and when making a mistake I can easily scratch the acrylic paint off with a tooth pick and nothing happens to your base color. If scratching doesn’t work I dip a q-tip in water and simply wipe the paint off.

Now time to color in the ice cream with the colors you like. Because Jolly was my inspiration I picked three polishes of the I <3 TRENDS edition of essence and a polish of wet’n’wild for the stick.

To make your design last longer and to make it super shiny always seal it with a layer of top coat. This is very important when working with acrylic paints because otherwise your colors goes off when taking a shower or washing your hands.

Thank you Robin for asking me. It was a pleasure to do a guest post for you and now it’s time to get myself an ice cream because I’m again melting away. Wish you all a nice day and thank you for reading!


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