Saturday, 15 August 2015

Summer of Guest Posts: Craftynail!

Hi everyone!

Another amaaazing guest post today in my Summer of Guest Posts series. The lovely Jacqui from Craftynail will be making your mouth long for some sweet strawberries ;) I've known Jacqui for some time now and I love reading her blog. She's always positive and vibrant, which you immediately notice in her blog posts. It's a joy to read them! Jacqui has some amazing designs over there too, so please go check it out after you've finished reading her guest post here ;)

So, Jacqui, how about you show us your design?


Hey Roaring Fans!

My name is Jacqui and I'm the blogger behind I'm psyched to be a part of Robin's Summer of Guest Posts because I feel like I've been reading her blog forevs!! And now that it's my turn to take over Roaring Nails for a day I'll be showing you a cutey-cute summer manicure that I whipped up!

I have an adorable little AVON brand bell on my nail desk which is the inspiration for these nails today. The bell is shaped like a strawberry, and I just love how the strawberry seeds are tiny yellow hearts! So I tried to imitate the design on my nails and this is what I came up with-

strawberry nails strawberry love nails strawberry heart nails

To create this strawberry nailart I used a dotting tool and a skinny striper brush along with these polishes...

red ★Pomegranate Lacquer Rose Graden Romance
yellow ★OPI I Just Can't Cope-Acabana
light green ★Rica Summer Mint
dark green ★Color Club Wild Cactus
black ★China Glaze Liquid Leather

It's hard to believe that I haven't tried strawberry nails until now. I hope you like them! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you online!

You can find me (aka Craftynail) on facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, instagram or bloglovin.


  1. Great job! It looks cute and very well done :)

  2. Hello! This is a great mani :-D

  3. Cute! The hearts provide such a nice departure from the standard strawberry.

  4. unique strawberry design. cute little yellow hearts :D

  5. This is a nice take it on strawberry nails! It's so cute

  6. Ohhh, how cute. Love the inspiration object and the nails look quite special!

  7. Adorable Jacqui, like a summer cartoon :)


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