Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Triangle Stencils

*Disclaimer: this item was received for review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone or anything.

Hi everyone!

Today I have another review from Born Pretty Store for you - if you mised my previous one, you can check out the lovely thermal polish here.

But right now I'm reviewing these stencils:

  • What?: 10 pieces of stencils, in various patterns.
  • Price?: These cost $3.19 for 10 stencils.
  • Where can you get it?: Here is the item link on Born Pretty Store.
  • What do I think?: I'm not convinded by these, unfortunately. The triangles didn't wome out as crisp as I had hoped.

You can see the stencils I got here - I picked NS01. There are 8 other patterns to choose from.

For this design, I used Barry M Mustard as the base colour (my boyfriend brought this with him from London for me!! (okay yeah I gave him a list of polishes to buy for me lol) I love this colour!) and the black is Only You Black Passion. I used one pattern from the stencils - the one you can see on the top right in the picture above.

The stencils work as follows: you paint your nails in a colour, let it dry thoroughly,then place a stencil on your nail and put polish in top of it. Then you pull the stencil off and top coat it.

Unfortunately the stencils didn't work as good as I had hoped - as you can see from the result. They wouldn't lie completely flat on my nails (especially at the top part of my nails they curved a lot) so the triangles aren't very neat. Maybe these would work better once I've had some practice, or maybe if I used them diferently (for example: only on half of my nail) but for now, I'm not convinced by these.

Did you use stencils like this before?

If you feel like getting something from Born Pretty Store, feel free to use my discount code XDX31 to get 10% off at BPS.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, your nails are so fierce that Chester Cheetah of Cheetos will be proud!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. I had stencils once and they didn't look as I wanted them too on my nails either; my nails are very curved too and the stencils didn't stick well, so... But I like the whole design and the mustard nail polish is great - I wear clothes in mustard shades :) The triangles look OK :)

  3. I don't think they look too bad at all! I guess stencils can be a little tricky though, I've had problems with polish seeping underneath them before. I am so happy to see you love Mustard too! When I swatched it myself there were so many mixed reactions from this colour but its so different! Xx


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