Saturday, 1 August 2015

Summer of Guest Posts: My Nail Polish Online!

Hi everyone!

Another great guest post today in my Summer of Guest Posts series! Today Ina from My Nail Polish Online is up. She does such gorgeous swatches and designs - often she has a whole new technique or a new way of approaching a design on her blog, so it's really fun to get inspiration from :) She even made a book explaining nail art techniques - you'll read more about that below ;)

Today Ina has a very fun and elegant design for us. Let's take a look!


Hi all! 

My name is Ina and I'm running the nail blog My Nail Polish Online. I've been around since 2010 swatching, testing new ideas, experimenting with different nail art techniques and enjoying the lovely nail bloggosphere. During these years I've also published a nail art book on Amazon which you've probably seen reviewed by Robin during this spring. I'm also having a second nail related book on its way which is covering nail care and which is scheduled to be out September 1st on Amazon. 

I was really pleasantly surprised when Robin asked me to do a guestpost on her blog while she is working hard during the summer. Robin's swatches and nail art have really stolen my heart. She puts a lot of work into her blogposts and we all know how lovely her designs are. 

I wanted to do a summer inspired design for today so I went for a floral design. I love florals any time of the year but I'm especially loving floral designs during the spring and the summer. I started with the beautiful light pink Peace and Mauve coming from Bourjois and continued adding flowers to the nails here and there using a red polish coming from Revlon called Revlon Red. This one is a classic red shade which in itself can be very stylish and it complements the light pink very nicely. I continued adding dots in the middle of the flowers using a regular black polish (Nordic Cap NP12 ). 

I hope you like the flowers and that you get the same summer feeling looking at them as I get. Thank you Robin for inviting me over to your blog and have a nice summer :)


  1. So cute! The flowers are so vibrant!

    1. Thank you Galorious Blog :)
      They were really glowing on my nails :P

  2. Love your floral design which is perfect for summer!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  3. This is the second time I'm gonna say it, but I need to - it's so pretty <3

  4. Oh I am a big fan of Ina's designs and this one is equally as beautiful! I find it so inspiring that you released an Ebook and wish you best of luck with your new book too :) xx


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