Monday, 28 September 2015

Shimmer Polish Airriann

*Disclaimer: this item was received for review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone or anything.


I've been absent for the past 2 weeks - big oops. I've been busy with work and then in the weekends I'm busy not working and relaxing and seeing friends, so I didn't have much time to blog.

However, I bring you a lovely polish today! I'm reviewing my last Shimmer Polish (boohoo sad face).

What polish?
Shimmer Polish Airriann. She has a clear base and is described as a "pale pink mix". There's also red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, green and black glitters in there.
Shimmer Polishes cost $12 and come in bottles of 15ml.

Very easy! Like all Shimmer Polishes, the base is thick in a good way, so that it contains the glitters nicely and already feels smooth without a top coat. The glitters spread nicely too.

I did one coat of Airriann on top of Only You Black Passion. Accent nail is stamped with MoYou plate Pro Collection 04 and b.pretty Cinnachrome.

Where can you find it?

The Etsy shop for Shimmer Polish is here, but it's down temporarily. I've asked Shimmer Polish about it and if you want to order some polishes, you can definitely email them via this address:

A bottle shot and a close-up of my pinky!

What do you think of Airriann? I like this glitter on top of black, it's very fun.

Since Airriann was the last Shimmer Polish in the batch I received for review, here's a collage of all of them to show of how gorgeous and versatile these Shimmers are!

From left to right and top to bottom (click the name to see the review): Rochelle, Tracy, Vanessa, Vivian, Airriann, Anna, Courtney, Jenny, Julie, Kelly, Mary, and Nichole. I loved making these collages because it made me remember some of these treasures that I've put in my polish cupboaed - like Vivian and Mary, I eagerly want to wear them again after seeing these pictures again ;)

Which one was your favourite? Do you own any of these Shimmers?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I hope you are having fun catching up with friends in your downtime, I think its important to do something you enjoy when you work so hard - you deserve the time to chill :) I've always been really impressed by the polishes you show from shimmer polish, this one looks like no exception! Such a beautiful manicure, I really love the stamping with it too! As for a favorite... thats really hard. I liked Vivian but I also really like this one too! xx


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