Sunday, 13 September 2015

Royal Purple Stamping

*Disclaimer: some items in this blog post have been previously received for review.

Hi everyone!

I'll be showing you a new polish today, but first I have some life stuff to share with you! You'll probably remember my Summer of Guest Posts, where I had amazing guest posts on my blog on Saturdays during the Summer, because I was very busy with an internship at that time. Thanks again btw to the lovely ladies who helped me out!!

Now, the most amazing thing has happened: my intership offered my a job!! I loved working there during my internship, so I was super happy when I could stay even longer (and get paid for it, haha!) However, this means I'll only have time for nail art during my Weekends, so I'll probably be posting only once a week here instead of twice, like I used to do. On the bright side though: I have a job :D *insert ABBA 'Money Money Money'*

I hope you'll all stick with me while I'm still adjusting to this new work rythm, and well, I just wanted to share this really great news with all of you :)

Now, for the nail art!
I recently went shopping and when I spotted some OPI's at 1/3 of the original price, I couldn't resist ;) OPI's are quite expensive here in Belgium, so I don't buy them as often anymore as I used to, even though I love the brand.

I let the lovely My Dogsled Is A Hybrid pass me by when it came out, but when I saw it now it was the perfect opportunity the snatch it up. Yay for sales! I also picked up Do You Have This Color In Stockholm? because I wanted some more purple polishes. And I'll be showing you this one today.

Do You Have This Color In Stockholm? is a lovely bright purple creme. There's nothing blurple about it in my opinion, but it's a super duper hard colour to capture accurately on camera. I tried different settings and after some colour correction eventually it looks almost like it does in real life. However, I suggest you google some more pictures to compare.

I did three coats, and did some stamping on top with my Born Pretty Store plate BP-L016 (read my review of it here). I used b.pretty Inchromnia to make stamping decals with. I love these two colours together, it looks very regal. I still have to perfect my stamping but I like how these came out.

What do you think of this OPI and of these two colours together? I'm also looking forward to wearing My Dogsled Is A Hybrid ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations to your job!!
    Love the stamping :)

  2. Congrats!! Wat leuk! :-D Vind je nail art weer erg mooi. Hou zo van stempelen..!

  3. Gorgeous purple and great mani :-D

  4. Congratulations!! That is really fantastic news and I am so happy for you :D And when you said money, money, money I actually heard the song in my head :P Beauuutiful purple. it looks so good on you and your stamping is gorgeous :) xx

  5. Congrats on the job! :) Beautiful mani, I love the stamping and the colours <3


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