Saturday, 28 March 2015

Shimmer Polish - Mary

*Disclaimer: this item was provided for review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by anything or anyone.


I have another Shimmer Polish review for you! And - spoiler - it's a truly gorgeous one, I'm in love with this polish!

I also want to mention that the winner of my Shimmer Polish giveaway has received the prize and she was super happy with it! She sent me some pictures of her already wearing Lorene :) I love that she loves it!

Now, on to the amazing Shimmer Mary!

What polish? Shimmer Polish Mary. Mary has a red jelly base and is filled with mostly red, pink, silver and black glitters. There's also some blue and purple glitters in there. Shimmers come in bottles of 15ml (0.5 Fl. Oz.) and cost $12.

Formula? Very easy to use, as with every Shimmer Polish I've tried so far. The jelly base is a bit thick but the application of this polish is very manageable and easy. Because of the thick base, the glitters are sealed in nicely and don't stick out from your nails. The glitters also spread out very nicely, they don't curl, and I didn't have to fish for glitters.

Coats? 3 coats plus one coat of Fast Drying Top Coat from Only You and one coat of  Top Shine from Sinful Colors.

Where can you find it? You can find Mary here in Shimmer Polish Etsy store!

As you can see, Mary just glows on my nails!! It's all the little pink and red glitters and the bigger purple ones that create that effect I think. I love it!

I am REALLY digging Mary - that glow is magical. Do you see it too?

If you like the look of Mary too, you can check out more designs with her here on the Shimmer Polish blog! And you can find the Etsy store here! As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, Shimmers cost $12 and are 15 ml.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Die zwarte glitter maken 'm zo bijzonder vind ik, geven net dat extra. Hij is wauw!

    1. Dankjewel Miriam! Ik snap helemaal wat je bedoelt. Ik was eerst niet zeker of ik de zwarte glitters wel leuk vond en moest wat wennen, maar uiteindelijk maken ze de lak wel af! :)

  2. The Shimmer polishes all have a touch of precious stones in them. Very jewellery-like. I like them a lot!

    1. That describes Shimmer Polishes SO well! Thanks Aneta! :)

  3. his is a glitter bomb! Love how it looks on your nails!

  4. OMG Mary is gorgeous!! I wonder if I have this one *must check*

    1. She is!! Ooh I hope you have her! :) She's so fun to wear!

  5. What a pretty glittery polish :-)


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