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Born Pretty Store Review - Stamping Plate BP-21

*Disclaimer: this item was received for review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone or anything.


I'm here again with another Born Pretty Store review - a stamping plate!

I'm very new to stamping, but I wanted to try out one of their plates because they have a wide selection of very cute images. The images on their plates are large too so they would fit my long nails, which is a big plus obviously.

The stamping plate I picked for review is this one, BP-21.

It has 4 images on it: a design with straight lines, a design with wavy lines, an image with circles, and a lovely medieval looking curly design (no idea how such a thing would actually be called lol).

I decided to try out the one with straight lines. I stamped with normal polish, I used Chocolate Chips from Only You (a brand from the store Paris Ici XL) on top of Catrice Goldbusters. The Only You polishes I own all stamp surprisingly well!

As you can see, the image transferred quite nicely!! I missed a few spots because I didn't roll my stamper around on the entirety of my nail - I'm really still new at stamping, but I've already learned a lot from this second time! (if you want to see my first attempt, you can click here)

I tried out the other images on the plate on a piece of paper (and then my boyfriend made this collage for me, thanks!!)

The lovely medieval image transferred so good - I actually really wanted to do a design with this one on my nails too, but I cannot stamp straight apparently! I always ended up with the image on the side of my nails and I placed the image differently on all of my nails. I still wanted to show you that the image transfers nicely though.

The circle image transferred really good as well! The straight lines one too. The only one I sometimes had an issue with was the one with the wavy lines - the parts on the plate where the lines come together in the design, always seem to get their polish sweeped away when I go over the plate with my scraper. So that part doesn't transfer as well - I might just need more practice with scraping though.

I also decided to experiment a bit, and did another design: I stamped on top of ILNP's Birefringence! I used Chocolate Chips and Holiday by Only You. 

I actually did this design before I did the one with the gold you saw above - that's why the stamping isn't that good yet here, but as you can see from the gold design the images do transfer well onto my nails and it was beginner's error with Birefringence.

As you can see, my nails are a lot longer with this design but I cut them before I did the second design (I felt like I needed to say that because the difference in nail length seems so odd!)

The cool thing is that you can only see the stamping from this angle: otherwise, the colours blend in with Birefringence's colours. I loved how subtle it was! 

Let's sum it up!

Price?: This stamping plate costs $2.99. You get one stamping plate with four images on it. The plate has a thin, blue protective film on top of it so it is protected against scratches during shipping to you. You don't get a scraper or a stamper with it, but you can find many stampers on Born Pretty Store - I bought this one from there and I'm very happy with it - I also used it for the stamping in this post.

Where can you get it?: You can find this stamping plate here on Born Pretty Store. They have a loooot of stamping plates on there, so you can browse around here as well to check out some others :)

The final verdict: I like it! This plate has some lovely images on it, the plate is etched deep enough to transfer the patterns. I only had some issues with the image with the wavy lines, but it is possible that's beginner's error. The others stamped really well.

Discount? Yeah! You can use the code XDX31 to get 10% discount on all your orders from Born Prety Store!

All in all, I like this plate! I obviously still have to practice a lot to be able to stamp perfectly (or even to be able to stamp images in the middle of my nails instead of differently on all of them lol) but it was a very nice surprise that even with my limited skill, I was able to use this plate without a lot of problems.

What do you think of the images, which of the 4 do you like best? I really love the curly medieval one so I really need to practice stamping straight now so I can use it! :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like the upper right best. You stamp great - congrats!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm really glad everyone likes my stamping! I love the upper right too :D

  2. I love both stamping and that plate! And how cool that you did a disappearing stamping with Birefringence! I attempted something like that a couple times but I could never pick the right stamping colours that completely disappeared on the base.

    1. Thank you!! Yes I really wanted to try a dissapearing stamping design, I was lucky to have some polishes in my collection that matched Birefringence so well (especially the blue one I used)

  3. Nice plate. I'm loving the stamping on Birefringence :-D

    1. Thank you!! :D It has some really cool images on it!

  4. You are a pro with the stamping!! I really love this manicure, their plates are great for long nails aren't they? I really love your colour combination and I think this just looks perfect! xx

    1. AH thank you so much! I'm totally not a pro though :D But I am really glad it came out so well! It makes me want to practice some more to get reeeaaally good at it :D Yes I love the length of the plates!

  5. Wauw! Echt mooi, op beide lakken! Zo leuk en verslavend he, dat stempelen :-D

    1. Jaaa, vooral eens het zo wat begint te lukken is het echt leuk!! Dankjewel Miriam :)

  6. Looks nice! Especially when stamped over Birefringence


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