Saturday, 26 October 2013

Review Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat! I am really excited about this polish , it just looks so fun and different from any other polishes I own. It's a sheer polish with tiny black and white bits in, and surprisingly enough it has very good coverage.

About a week ago I saw this polish in the store, and I was really curious about the effect so I bought it. They had a few different colours, but since I didn't really know how the polish would look I opted for the safe choice with black and white. This is my first Sally Hansen polish by the way - up until now, I hadn't found a store nearby that sells them.

So, my opinion about this polish:
Simply put: I love it. It looks very different, I think at actually looks as if I put nail stickers on my nails, because the effect is so special. I only bought nr. 800, Tweedy, so I don't know if the other colours will look as nicely on your nails as this one. 

The application went alright, at first it was a bit of a struggle to find the right way to get good coverage with this polish, but once I got used to it, it went smoothly. The only thing is that you can't put too much polish on your nails in one time, since it doesn't dry so good then. On my one hand, I had 3 thick layers of the polish because I wanted good coverage, but it took ages for it to dry, and if I bumped into something with my hand the polish would shift a little or even peel off where the layers were too thick, so I had to correct this in the evening. 
On my other hand, however, I did 3 thin layers and had no problems whatsoever. And the coverage was also really good, so you actually don't need very thick layers with this polish - something which I was quite surprised about, but also very pleased with :)

The polish has a bit of a matte finish: if you would like it to be very shiny, you should put a topcoat on. I tried the polish both with a glossy topcoat and with an extra matte topcoat, as you can see here:

I looked up some reviews about this polish, and there were really only two opinions about this polish: you either love it, or you hate it. Most people who hated it complained about how hard it was to get the polish off (a lot harder than glitter polish, apparently), so that'll be an adventure for me this evening!

The one downside (apart from maybe the removal) is that the bits of black and white sort of stick up a bit from your nail sometimes, so the surface of your nail isn't that smooth. But honestly, this didn't bother me at all. The tip of my nails also weren't smooth, because the black and white bits sticked out there as well. At first this annoyed me so much - for me, my nails really have to be very smooth at the tips, otherwise I just go crazy - but I eventually got used to it, thankfully.

So, what do you think about this polish? Does anyone maybe own the other colours? :)
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  1. I like this Topcoat, and the effect of the texture on your Nails

  2. I've only used my polish from this line to make decals so far, I haven't used it as a full-colour polish... So I have to ask: how was it to take off??

    1. It was actually not hard at all, I was so surprised because so many people said it was a tale of horror to get it off. But because so many people said that, I didn't just try to wipe it off with nail polish like I'd normally do. Instead, I did the following:
      I soaked a cotton ball in some nail polish remover (just normal one withouth acetone), put the cotton ball onto my nail and wrapped tin foil around it so it would stick to its place. You have to wrap the foil around it quite hard, well, I mean that it should really put some pressure on the nail, the cotton ball can't just be lying there casually :) I left this on for about ten minutes and then I unwrapped myself, haha. It was then sooo easy to get the polish off! I just wiped a few times and it came off immediately, and I didn't have to scrub on anything. I'm definitely going to be using this method again for other difficult polishes :)


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