Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dry Marble Nails

Today's nails: dry marble with orange and pink!

For this design, I used OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries and D'Orleac Mate 01.
Dry marble is a great technique for those of us who kind of suck at watermarble, but still want to have all those fun flowy lines in our design :)

How to:
First I painted my nails with a base coat, and then I painted them with the OPI colour.
After that, I put big blobs of the orange and pink colour on my nails (but then again, not too thick: you want the blobs to be thick enough to be able to sort of stir in them with a toothpick, but not so thick that you can see an amazingly thick coat of polish on your nails when you have made the design - it's a bit hard to explain, but I think that when you're trying this for yourself, you'll notice very quickly when there's too much or too little polish).
When the blobs were on my nails (one nail at a time!) I took a toothpick (a needle would also work) and stirred around a bit in the blobs, to make them mingle and to create flowy lines.
After that, I immediately put a top coat on to make the lines even flowier, and then I added a few silver studs from BornPrettyStore :)

I really like how these colours match and flow in each other, but I regret that the effect is not more visible. You have to look closely to see the different colours. The effect is most visible on my index finger and my thumb. I also had some trouble with bubbles in the design (you can see this quite clearly on my ring finger). If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to avoid this, always welcome!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like how the colors aren't that different so your eyes just barely catch the subtle marbling! The studs are a wonderful accent :)


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