Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bornprettystore Swatches - "Dazzling Starry Magical Multicolored Shell Glitter Nail Art Polish Varnish" #4

Holy smokes. I'm in love with this polish.

A few months ago, I read a review of this polish, and I just fell in love right then and there. I knew that I just had to have it, and now I do - hurrah!

This polish is meant as a top coat (so not to be worn by itself - I tried it on top of white polish to see the effect, but it didn't look very good to be honest). It's a very transparent polish, with glitters and flakes in it, very hard to describe. These glitters and flakes change colour, depending on the light they are in. These colour shifts are absolutely amazing: the flakes go from bright green via red and orange to yellow. It's super pretty! I even made a gif to show you guys :D This is the first gif I ever made, but I think it looks quite good!

Bornprettystore says that you are supposed to use "2 layers similar colored polish+ 1 layer Dazzling Starry Shell Glitter polish. You also can paint 2 layers of dark nail polish, then paint this Dazzling Starry Shell Glitter polish". You can buy this similar coloured nail polish with the Dazzling Starry Shell Glitter one, but I didn't do that, since I already have a dark blue polish. 

On my left hand, I first painted all my nails in a different dark base colour, because I wanted to see the effect of the Dazzling Polish on top of all these colours.
From left to right:
Only You - 534 Stairway to Heaven
Only You - 497 Chocolate Chips
Essence Colour & Go - 37 Just Rock It!
Mavala - 48 Black

The dark blue polish (third from the left) is the one I used on my right hand, because I thought that one was the prettiest. My dark blue polish plus one coat of Dazzling Polish looks like this:

On my left hand, I always used two layers of the Dazzling Polish, which looks completely different from only one layer.  When you use one layer of Dazzling Polish, you can still see the base colour; when you use two layers, you cannot really see this anymore. Here are some pictures of my left hand:

So, my experiment on my left hand actually failed because of this: I painted on two layers of the Dazzling Polish, resulting in very dazzling, gorgeous nails, but it also had as an effect that you cannot really see the effect of the polish on the different base colours, since these are no longer very discernible underneath the Dazzling Polish. You can see them a bit, if you look closely, but not a lot.
Oh well, at least now I know that two layers of the Dazzling Polish is a bit too much if you still want the base coat to be visible. I like my right hand the best, so the one with only one layer of Dazzling Polish, because I like how it looks in combination with my dark blue base polish. But the left hand with two layers is also really pretty, I think: the colours remind me of fall.

Now, from all this dazzling prettyness, let's move on to the only downside to this polish: the smell. Jeez, the smell. It has a really penetrating chemical smell when you apply the polish, and when it's drying it still smells very strong. Luckily, when the polish has dried, this smell goes away completely.

You can click here to see these polishes on Bornprettystore. They have 11 colours. Besides my #4, I also really love #3 and #11, maybe something for next time :)

What do you think of these polishes?


  1. WOW, this nail polish is absolutely gorgeous ! I need it *___*
    Your gif is really pretty ;)

    1. I know, this polish looks stunning! And thanks, I'm really proud of my gif :)


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