Tuesday, 18 March 2014

OPI's Push and Shove

Hello lovely people!

Today I am suuuuper glad to present OPI's Push and Shove to you!

Some of you might know that I really wanted this polish when it came out, but I couldn't find it anywhere... OPI polishes aren't sold in a lot of stores in my country (only in 1 store I know actually). I had sent my mom to that store on January 4th to buy it, but they told her the entire Gwen Stefani collection was already sold out.

When I went to the store last week, I suddenly saw the whole collection! Every polish was suddenly there. I was so amazed and immediately bought Push and Shove.

I had always assumed that the collection would come out in every country on the same date. But after I had bought Push and Shove, I read in a Belgium magazine that the Gwen Stefani collection only came out in Belgium in March. So I'm thinking now that the shopkeepers really didn't know what they were talking about, and that when my mom asked them if the collection wasn't available yet, they just told her something to get rid of her :/

But anyway, I have it now!

As you already know, Push and Shove comes with a special base coat - Lay Down that Base - you need to use. If you use another base coat, Push and Shove will just glide off your nail - and I have experienced this when I tested it.
Some bloggers didn't have a problem when they used another polish as a base coat, but I did.

OPI also says you cannot use a top coat over this polish because it would reduce the mirror like finish, so I didn't at first - on these pictures I'm not wearing top coat.

But after taking the pictures, I was afraid my polish would peel off my nails quickly since it's intended for one night only. So I applied top coat, and I hardly notice any difference to be honest. Maybe it's slightly less shiny, but this could just as well be my imagination. And: the polish stayed on for three days! And then I just took it off myself because I wanted to do something else with my nails :)

Push and Shove is a metallic chrome polish with a mirror like finish. It shows every imperfection on your nails, so I was a bit afraid what the effect would be on me - I decided to not use a ridge filling basecoat this time, because I wanted to see what the effect of the polish was without that.

But it turned out quite well!

My nails have some imperfections which you can see in Push and Shove, but all in all I was pleasantly surprised. I think this polish would of course look even better when you first apply some ridge filling basecoat before Lay Down that Base, but I like it this way as well. You can also see some sthe brush strokes a bit, but this is normal for a polish with chrome finish.

And yes, I took a picture holding a princess crown because it was the first shiny silvery object I could find :)

Now one last picture to show you the mirror effect! I was really amazed by this:

As you can see, the candle is mirrored on my ring finger :) I'm sorry for the amount of weird objects I used for this photoshoot, they are all things that were still lying around from my birthday party haha.

So, did you snatch up any of the Gwen Stefani polishes? I was severly doubting to buy Love.Angel.Music.Baby or 4 In The Morning, but since I already had bought a ton of polishes recently, I decided it would be best for my wallet to not spend €15 on another polish.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Omg, this nail polish looks gorgeous :)

  2. Amazing effect, like a mirror;) The only bad thing's that it shows all inperfections.

    1. Yes like a mirror, it's so great! But yes you're right, it does show all the imperfections. But I think a ridge filling base coat would solve that luckily :)

  3. This looks like a gorgeous polish! I really can't decide which is prettier, this or L.A.M.B. -- I wish OPI was cheaper so I could afford more than one polish of the collection :( I love the photo with the crown!

    1. Oh if only you could see me nodding my head furiously in agreement right now!! OPI is soo expensive :( But also soo pretty, it's always a big dilemma if I need to pick an OPI polish of all the great polishes they have! And thank you! I love that picture as well :)

  4. I also reviewed P&S on my blog, it was so fun to work with. Yes, it shows all the imperfections on your nail, but who cares?! =) This gorgeous treasure is something you can't take your eyes off. I also used top coat and the only thing happend was, that the mirror effect got a slight bit lost. It was super shiny though.

    1. Haha yes it's so true, I couldn't stop staring at my nails when I had this polish on!

  5. i just bought this polish and I'm not sure if i bought the duo since i got it online, how many other bases have you tried it with?

    1. I tried it with the Lay Down that Base and with another cheap basecoat from a local store - but Push and Shove didn't attach properly to that cheap basecoat and it just sort of slid off. But some people didn't have a problem using other basecoats, so maybe you just need to find the right one :)
      Normally Lay Down that Base is sold together with Push and Shove because it comes together in one package, so I hope you'll get it! :)


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