Monday, 3 March 2014

Hollar For This Holo!

Picture heavy post today because I looooooove this polish!

On my nails you can see the gorgeous Born Pretty Holographic Holo Glitter Nail Polish Varnish Hologram Effect #12 from Born Pretty Store.
You can see this polish here on their website :)

I bought this polish a few months ago (here's the blogpost about that polish haul back then), but I hadn't used it until now.

I have no idea why I hadn't used this polish yet, because boy it is GORGEOUS! Can you see all those sparkles and the rainbow colours?! And it looks even more amazing in real life than in pictures :)

In all these pictures I have one coat of Hologram Effect #12 on top of one coat of Black on Black by Sinful Colors. First I had put the holo polish on my nails without the black base coat, but I then needed three coats for it to be opaque. But with a black polish underneath, I only needed one coat so I did that.

The colour of the holo polish is normally a tiny bit lighter, a bit more greenish when there isn't any black polish underneath it, but it's not much of a difference.

This is my first holographic polish so I can't compare it to any other holo polishes, but I must say that I reeaaally love this one. I couldn't stop staring at my nails when the sun shone on them :)

All pictures above are made with artificial lighting. As you can see, the holographic effect is already really clear. But when my nails were in sunlight the effect was even more amazing! Here's the proof:

AAAAH LOOK AT ALL THE SPARKLES! I went mad when I saw this, I kept waving my hands about in the sunlight haha :)

I also made a gif because I like to make gifs of special effect polishes. The quality isn't the best because the gif has to be small to go on Tumblr and it was too much effort to make another one for here, so it will just have to do :) Anyway, the colour shifts are clear enough in this gif!

Voila, that's it! I am definitely going to buy some more holographic polishes soon because it's sooo pretty (and did I mention all the sparkles?!)
Do you have any recommendations of good brands and pretty holo polishes?

Thanks for reading you lovely people!


  1. Ooo that's amazing. But I think that Color Club holographic polishes are the most amazing ever!!!

    1. Oh great, thanks for the tip! I'll definitely look into those when I'm going on a holo polish shopping trip :)

  2. ohhh, how pretty it is- I love it and I want it!

  3. I have two of these holo polishes from born petty. I love them!!!

  4. love that effect! I love holo polishes but it's so hard to capture its beauty;)

    1. You're right, this one does look even more gorgeous in real life! I guess the sparkles and the awesomeness are just too much to handle for my camera haha :)

  5. This holo effect reminds me of a peacock feather pattern when light hits in a certain way ♥

    1. I hadn't noticed that until now but yes you are absolutely right! :)

  6. whoah whoah whoah, this holo is so....holographicy! theres no other way to explain it haha!


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