Monday, 3 February 2014

The Great Gatsby Nail Art

Hello all you great people!

I'm suuuper proud of today's design :D

I did The Great Gatsby inspired nails, and I love them a lot!
I always loved Great Gatsby nail art, I thought it was so elegant. But when the big hype about The Great Gatsby movie was around, I felt that I wasn't skilled enough to make such pretty nails.

But now I've decided that it was about time I tried them, and I'm very happy I did :)

I loved The Great Gatsby movie a lot - I even went to see it twice in the cinema - but I hadn't read the book until recently. I had to write a paper about the book so it had to analyze it in detail, and I fell in love even more with The Great Gatsby.

So I was convinced I had to make nail art based on the cover of the book and movie :)

The colours I used are:
11 - Hema
Goldfinger - Catrice
Black on Black - Sinful Colours

My design is based on Polly Polish' tutorial. I thought it was so fun that she first did a silver and gold gradient, so I decided to do that for my design as well.

I did this gradient using a sponge. I applied a fast drying top coat and then I used striping tape to create the design.

The design on my ring finger is based on the one by Polly Polish; the designs on my other fingers are my own creation.

I just put striping tape on my nails and made sure my nails were properly covered. Then I painted over my nails with black polish, and while the striping tape was still wet I took it off with tweezers.

And that's that really :)

Of course there were a few spots where a little black polish had come onto the gold and silver lines so I had to clean this up a bit, but overall this was a very succesful atempt at using striping tape - this was actually the first time I have managed to work this well with striping tape :D

Those of you who have read the book or seen the movie, you know to what light my green ring is referring to! :)

And a final shot with my Great Gatsby book! (yes, it's the Dutch translation because that one has the nice gold striped cover - I also have the book in English but with a completely different cover, so the Dutch one was more appropriate here)

What did you think of The Great Gatsby? Did you go see the movie or have you read the book?
I hope you enjoy my nails! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. you had to be super patient!:) well done;))

    1. Haha, it was quite alright actually, only the placing of the striping tape was to go crazy over :) Thank you!

  2. Lovely mani! The gold and black look so classy together and your lines are perfect! We haven't seen the film yet but love the book and ADORE Leo! Emma &Jo.xx

    1. Thank you! Gold and black is always a great combination I think! And yes, Leo <3 Haha :)

  3. Hi, I am your newest follower. I love what you did here, great movie stunning nails! I love your pictures too, you put your art in evidence in the best way, congratulations for that!

    1. Hi! Yes I saw I had a new follower, thank you! And thanks for the compliments, it's great to get feedback like this! :)

  4. This model is so pretty, the colors combination looks amazing :)

  5. These look gorgeous, it's so amazing when striping tape actually works! I love the first photo :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like the picture! I'm really happy that the striping tape worked so well here (also a bit surprised since I'm not a striping tape genius) haha :)


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