Sunday, 8 November 2015

Born Pretty Store Review - Sea Charms Wheel

*Disclaimer: this item was received for review. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone or anything.

Hi everyone!

Today I have my last - for now - review of Born Pretty Store. I'm reviewing something which I loved a lot: a nail art wheel full of sea-ish studs!

  • What? A nail art wheel full of different types of sea charms: mermaids, seahorses, anhcors, sea shells... in gold and silver. You can see the wheel below here. You get 5 or 4 pieces of the shells and the sea star, and 2 pieces of the mermaids, anchors, and seahorse. You also get 1 turtle. You can see everything in the wheel in the picture below (borrowed from the BPS website).

  • Price? This nail wheel costs $2.76. I think that is a super bargain for such a variety of decorations!
  • Where can you get it? Here is the item link on Born Pretty Store.

  • What do I think of these? You might already now how much I like sea-ish or mermaid-ish nail art. So it shouldn't surprise you that I love this nail wheel! I have a lovely variety of charms now, and they are reusable if you are careful with them.

Here you can see what I did with these charms - I used a bunch of them, together with Essie Trophy Wife (the perfect mermaidy colour).

I also added Claire's Wicked on its own on my ring finger, and used Wicked and Fogan Cosmetics Color 48 as glitter on my index finger and pinky.

And: feel free to use my discount code XDX31 to get 10% off on your purchases at BPS.

What do you think of this nail art wheel?

Thanks for reading!

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