Friday, 9 May 2014

In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Hi everyone!

Today I have a galaxy design for you - and let me tell you, I am SUPER proud of this one!
I've been wanting to do galaxy nails for a long while now, and I actually tried it once but failed miserably. I always though it was very hard (it looked very hard!). But now, I can tell you: no it isn't! Well, with the right tutorial anyway it isn't :)

I found this really good tutorial by Lucy's Stash here. I also adored the colours she picked, so I decided to make a purple galaxy manicure.

For this design I used:
- Alpine Snow - OPI
- a purple nameless ombre set by Guylond
- another Guylond polish (soft blue-purple), also nameless
- white acrylic paint

I just followed the steps from Lucy's tutorial and at first, I wasn't really convinced this was going to look right. BUT: when I added the white dots and stars, it definitely looked really cool, and the shiny topcoat just made everything fit together and it looked perfect. So if it doesn't look good at first when you try it, no worries! :)

So first I painted my nails with two coats from the darkest purple (on the right in the picture above). When that was dry, I sponged on the pink and then the white, but I thought the white was a bit too white if you know what I mean, so I sponged over it with the light blue-purple polish. 

Then I sponged the darker purple and added some bits here and there. Finally I made the dots with Alpine Snow and painted the stars with acrylic paint.

I'm really glad it turned out like this! Of course Lucy's design looks ten times better still, but I adore mine and I'm now really confident to try galaxy nails out again, maybe with some different colours too!

I also still owe you one review for BornPretty Store - and I actually did something fun with this galaxy design for that! But that's for next blogpost, because I loved these galaxy nails on their own already so much that I wanted to show them to you separately :)

Do you like these? Did you try out galaxy nails yet? I'm sure many of you have, it's such a popular design and I'm really glad I finally found the courage to try it :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. really cool! i did galaxy nails twice but always the classic ones, but as I look at these I should try coloured ones too!

    1. Thanks Franziska! You should definitely give coloured galaxy nails a go! I skipped the classic ones and went straight to colour haha :)

  2. Robin these are beautiful! Love the purple and the shinning starts look brilliant! Jealous of all your manis!


    1. Oh thanks a lot! I was really inspired by Lucy's galaxy nails - she used purple as well and I though it looked so gorgeous I just had to try it :)

  3. Glad that I read your whole post, otherwise I would have ruined the next one by asking why you didn't include a picture with the ... :p

    1. Hehe, thanks for not spoiling the surprise! :D


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