Thursday, 26 September 2013

Acid Wash Nails

Today I tried to do my first acid wash nails with blue and white, and a bit of nail caviar on my index finger:

It's a technique I just found, and it's really simple:

First you paint your nails in a base colour. Mine was blue. Make sure you do a few layers. Then add a few layers of shiny topcoat. Let it dry.

After that, you paint over your nails with a different colour - mine is white. Let it dry completely.
Then you take a cotton ball, soak it in some nail polish remover, and gently start rubbing on your nails to make the top colour come of a bit. You keep doing this until you are satisfied with the result! Finally, add a top coat and you're good to go.

If you don't really get how to do it, here's a tutorial that I found helpful.

I added some nail caviar on my index finger, but these nails would also look really good with some gold or silver studs, I think.

Colours used: 

Blue: 534 Stairway to Heaven by Only You (brand in Belgium, sold by Ici Paris XL)
White: from D'Orleac Professional, but the colour doesn't have a name - I tried looking it up but I couldn't find a lot of information on this brand. It's apparently Spanish and not very well known. However, this D'Orleac polish honestly is the BEST white nail polish I ever owned. You just need two layers for full coverage. I used to have an OPI white, but even with five layers that did not completely cover my nails to my satisfaction. So I'm really happy with this one!

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